All About the Children’s Book Award

The Children’s Book Award was created by the Florida Literacy Association (FLA) to create a love for reading in the primary grades throughout all counties in the state of Florida. Each year titles with varying genres that are accessible for pre-K-2nd grade are reviewed and selected as finalists. During the months of January – May, teachers and/or students must read at least 7 out of the 10 books and vote for their favorite. The books can be read whole group or independently. The voting process takes place on-line and the winner is revealed before the end of the school year so students and educators know if their favorite book was the winner.  The author of the winning book is notified and honored annually at the Florida Literacy Association Conference.  Lesson plans and resources are also written to help teachers teach standards and introduce specific skills that go along with each book. FLA believes that reading for fun promotes a lifelong love of reading.

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2017-18 FLA Children's Book Award and Past Winners

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2018-19 FLA Children's Book Award

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Deadline May 15th, 2019

2019-20 FLA Children’s Book Award Lesson Plans and Resources

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